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A Wicked Mushroom This Way Comes…

Fresh Arkansas Morels

Lord have mercy them sure is some fancy lookin’ French mushrooms, I exclaimed when a friend brought me these fresh Morels from his farm near Fayetteville, Arkansas!

Having never seen an uncooked Morel I had no idea what to do with them until I tried three variations with Chicken. And WOW,- Totally Yummy!! They added a velvety rich gamey quality to a simple mixed vegetable sauté. Next, I tried a less eventful Chicken stir-fry and they didn’t pair well with the tangy soy sauce. Finally, I sliced the prettiest big ones in Julienne strips and made a miraculous Chicken variation on a Turkey Divan. It worked. Clearly, here’s a food memory to dine for!


Rockefellers: What they say, vs What they do!

Biden: “Mark my words, there will be food shortages!”

An ominous stench fills the air from the shocking amount of food processing facilities that have suddenly been self-igniting across the USA. We’ve seen an unprecedented attack on our food security and just yesterday another major fresh food hub burned up in Paris. What is actually going on, as US President Biden declared months ago; “Mark my words there will be food shortages!”

In previous times mortal threats against the people were met by “the authorities” with actions to relieve or mitigate such impending disasters. I can’t help but ask, are there ANY adults working in the current White House administration?

The Great “Plandemic 201” exercise has brought forth much hardship throughout the world and this was especially apparent throughout rural Arkansas where we teach. I ask Who Benefits from this? Since the Rockefellers effectively OWN Big Pharma and much of the Health Care industry, I believe it’s time to dig deeper into their current motives. As said in their own words on “Resetting The Table.” :

“Equitable” Food Fantasies

“♬ We don’t need no vaccination…!”

Welcome to Thought Control. This is our first blog post. At the moment the world appears to be on the brink of war, starvation, medical genocide and economic collapse. Globally, more and more people are seeing the actual human toll, (aka) ‘adverse-reactions’ from the Jab. Over this past year and a half we’ve read many stories detailing various aspects of the medical tyranny that dominates the narrative of the day. By now, one would expect to have seen and heard thousands more doctors and hospital staff screaming bloody murder! It turns out some, such as Michael Yeadon are.

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