Welcome to Thought Control. This is our first blog post. At the moment the world appears to be on the brink of war, starvation, medical genocide and economic collapse. Globally, more and more people are seeing the actual human toll, (aka) ‘adverse-reactions’ from the Jab. Over this past year and a half we’ve read many stories detailing various aspects of the medical tyranny that dominates the narrative of the day. By now, one would expect to have seen and heard thousands more doctors and hospital staff screaming bloody murder! It turns out some, such as Michael Yeadon are.

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1 thought on ““♬ We don’t need no vaccination…!””

  1. Over the course of the Covid19 fiasco I’ve captured around 400 News headlines which, taken at face value, should have been sufficient to convince anyone that we are all victims of an insidious depopulation plot. The ‘Jab’ is quite literally a self assembling time-bomb. And the thought of forcing it on anyone is akin to premeditated murder.

    This harks back to my year in Queensland when I had a partner who was a social worker, effectively a private nurse. How she fell hook line and sinker for the AMA’s patent claims that “vaccines” didn’t CAUSE autism. It was purely coincidental that she had personally observed a 10x to 20x-fold case increase in Australia since she entered the profession. Case details suggest this “disease” is particularly prevalent in black males.

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