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Check out my new Tiny Tiny House!

As long as we’ve owned our home we’ve expressed a need for a cabana by the pool. Finally, this spring I felt motivated to put theory into practice in support of my current design interests. Through the years I’ve helped frame over a dozen full scale homes; a sufficient number to pre-visualize each aspect of the process and the time frame required to make a sound and valuable end product. Soon, I’ll post a video explaining this building’s costs and my design objectives going in.

To match the space provided between the trees and the easement, its physical width was limited to 7 ft. which practically matches an internally insulated shipping container. The second was to make this a fun play space for kids with windows scaled accordingly and to meet a visitor’s expectations for a basic overnight crash-pad.

ECHO Village Project, circa 2019-2023


Echo Village- Second Phase/ compact models, circa 2022…
These newest homes utilize the most efficient use of space imaginable. They are 14′ by 24′, or 336 sq. feet. While most of the labor continues to be provided by volunteers, hard costs are running around $25,k after figuring in certified pros to install the utilities.

smaller tiny house interior


Smallest practical units have Master Bed/Bath/Closets/Laundry & Shower


So glad to be a contributor to such a worthy community effort! ~ Special kudos to Dr. Dan & Suzie Bell.