“Cafe Kiva” is a proposed start-up which was put on hold due to the unexpected Covid school lock-outs. Kids in junior high and high school, with a strong desire to see themselves attain a profitable career, will be impressed at the time and thought we’ve put into this culinary workshop/hospitality arts training program over these past three ++ years.

In the grand scheme we are proposing an amorphous yet highly scalable corporation, based on a school without walls. Envision an open-format franchise concept, with one or more parallel channels enabling direct community and family buy-in, unlike closed-shop product development corporations. Above all, it actively engages youth in measurable age-appropriate skills they need to enter a competitive workplace.

2nd year student assignment

A Sunday Buffet at Tacky’s Red Apple Inn, Eden Isle, Arkansas

This image takes me back to my short lived culinary training in Chicago. Things went swimmingly through college at SAIC, except for the fact we had a 4 bedroom flop house and my numerous roommates ate us out of house and home. Clearly, the Red Apple Inn squelched my interest in ‘fast casual’ junk food and left me with a food memories to dine for!

“Cafe Kiva” as mobile App!  I have lots more to add about this later…